Lessons and Growth

2012 was an amazing year of transition for me. Over the past twelve months I ... 

... changed jobs to one that's even more demanding, but more fulfilling.

... turned 33 (yikes ... and 34 is around the corner!)

... was the Maid-of-Honor in my sister's wedding.

... welcomed a new nephew (now I have two!)

... had a couple of a health scares (nothing serious thankfully!)

... made new friends.

... set new goals. 

... fell in love with living in Brooklyn.

... just lived life!

As I look back, taking a year off from the blogging world was a good thing. It's helped me to focus on some things I needed to do for myself and given me a fresh perspective for what I want to contribute to the blogosphere. I was overly ambitious with my former blog (style+saveur), yet not ambitious enough. I have a career that requires the majority of my brain power and, as much as I love blogging, my priority is what pays the bills. On the flip side, I wasn't actively pursuing the resources that are open to me to keep the blog populated with fresh content and therefore stressing out about it. My own personal style has also changed, which definitely guides the content I want to create.  

After all the inner dialogue I decided to let style+saveur live as a testament to what it was, a lesson for me and an experiment in lifestyle blogging that generated some great content, and move on to create a new blog that was more reflective of the person I am now. Thus Living Chic in Brooklyn is born. Welcome to my new home.

This blog will be more personal than my previous space, showcasing items that inspire me across a variety of topics - fashion, home, food and travel. I'll also be highlighting my favorite Brooklyn places and spaces since that is where I spend most of my off-hours lately (I'll include faves beyond Brooklyn as well.) One note ... I will update as often as I can, but posting daily is not realistic so don't expect new content everyday or even every other day. No promises I can't keep!

Thanks for visiting and welcome again. More to come in the year ahead!

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